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The cooperation of Energology is the association of institutes and companies, which work on the basis of the science of energology. General manager of the cooperation is Mr. Adem Kapur, who is the founder of the science of Energology®.

Adem Kapur

Founder of the science of Energology
Founder of the science of Octral Psychology

General Manager of the KDE Cooperation of Energology
Energology KDE News
Project TEDDY BOX christmas 2008

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Emirates-Germany Business Summit 2007
Emirates-Germany Business Summit 2007 Of that 8th until 10th May 2007 finds the Emirate – Germany business summit 2007 take place under the patronage of Roland Koch, the Prime Minister of the state Hessen, of Petra Roth, the head mayor of the city Frankfurt and of Dr. Joachim of Harbou, president of the IHK Frankfurt / Main.
Publication in the MGI News
Intercultural Management ManagementconsultingWhat do we have in common?
New impulses from the science of Energology® for intercultural management

The number of intercultural contacts in everyday business is on the increase - even for accountants! In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, the ability to manage cultural differences to competitive advantage should be a corporate imperative, 'not a nice to have' option. more

Intercultural Management Consulting

Intercultural Management Competence is needed in all occasions and places where people from different cultures work together. Not so long ago it was usual that enterprises were only active in their own motherland and worked mainly with its citizens, but in the age of globalisation a manager without foreign experiences would not come very far. Apart from that, managers work in their own motherland ever more frequently with people from different cultures. Without intercultural know-how daily misunderstandings can easily arise, which partially result in high costs and time-consuming consequences for the company - contract negotiations fail, project aims cannot be kept, etc.

Shaking the head = yes or no?
Who does really know that shaking the head for Western Europeans means refusal and for Indians it means agreement? Or who knows that in Thailand you should not run your hand over someones head? If this would happen unintentionally you should apologise politely, because the Thais believe that the head is the place of the soul. Or who knows that spontaneous meetings and visits are not common in Australia? There is an endless number of those “Do’s and Dont’s”.
In order to manage intercultural situations you need knowledge about these different modes of behaviour which are culturally standardised on the one hand, and sufficient knowledge about the (foreign) language and the country on the other hand.

Intercultural Awareness
However, the basis for economic success crossing cultural frontiers is to develop some sort of Intercultural Awareness which knows both the differences between cultures and the common factors of human beings even if they differ greatly from an external and superficial perspective. This is exactly the point where the Intercultural Management Consulting from the science of Energology® by Kapur® begins. It offers managers the possibility to deal with the human being fundamentally and individually, to deal with his cultural standardisations, his communication, to deal with emotional situations and conflicts, etc.

This theoretical and practice-oriented basic work which is added by sufficient self-reflection and reflections from others may enable managers to considerably increase the efficiency of their intercultural collaborations and consequently not only to lead their corporate enterprise to success but also their personal und human aims.

(Mag.phil. Nicola Spiegl, TM Thinker Manager from the 3dManagement© by Kapur®, African Studies, Ethnology)

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